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Checking the Dashboard of Life

January 04, 2022 Clint Herndon & Dr. Parker Houston Season 4 Episode 88
Next Peak Podcast
Checking the Dashboard of Life
Show Notes

"Some people live 80 years, but most people live one year 80 times." - Zig Ziglar

In today's episode, Dr. Houston and Clint discuss "Checking the Dashboard of Life."

The new year is a great time to look back on 2021 at what you did, your successes, your mistakes. And it's an opportunity right now to take the new year as an excellent marker to say, where can I course correct? Where can I be more intentional, proactive about where I want to go with my life, and not neglect these indicator lights. So if you've got something that's trying to get your attention, don't ignore it.

One great way you can take stock of how your year has gone is to do a quick check of your life dashboard. Consider the following life accounts (add your own accounts if you want), and rank each of them from 1-10 for how satisfied you are with each area of your life (10 being the best). Then write down one or two things that would cause that account to improve. For example, if your health account is low, you might write, "lose 10 pounds."

✨ Life Accounts
✨ Health
✨ Marriage
✨ Parenting
✨ Work
✨ Finances
✨ Personal Growth
✨ Spiritual Life
✨ Fun
✨ Friendships

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