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Managing Others at Their Level

October 19, 2021 Clint Herndon & Justin McGuire, California Pools Season 3 Episode 77
Next Peak Podcast
Managing Others at Their Level
Show Notes

This week, Justin McGuire, Owner of California Pools and host of DIY Network's Pool Kings, joins Clint to discuss the challenges of managing people within a growing business.

Clint and Justin discuss the following key points on management:

(1) Encourage and help your employee, you are leading, to grow.
(2) Don't overmanage.
(3) Learn to manage your people at 'THEIR' level and not at you're level. You can not manage everyone the same way. It doesn't work. Manage each person based on their personality type and not based on you're personality type. Every personality has its own needs and nuances.
(4) Don't allow your business to become transactional or a commodity. Instead, focus on building relationships.
(5) Learn from your mistakes. Don't regret them, but allow them to help you grow as a person and a leader.
(6) Appreciating every person on your team and what they have to contribute.

"Being a good leader isn't always what is best for YOU, but what is best for THEM." - Justin McGuire.

Top 3 Books Recommended by Justin:
(1) Profit First - By Mike Michalowicz
(2) Turn The Ship Around! - By L. David Marguet

Top Podcasts Recommended by Justin:
(1) Founders Journal
(2) Business Wars

Until next week, keep climbing your next peak!

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