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Done Is Better Than Perfect

October 12, 2021 Clint Herndon & Dr. Parker Houston Season 3 Episode 76
Next Peak Podcast
Done Is Better Than Perfect
Show Notes

Perfectionists often postpone big things in an attempt to avoid mistakes or embarrassment, but this strategy can often be very detrimental.

Not everything in every area or every decision has to be an A+. In some areas of life, C's are okay. When we are struggling with perfectionism, we tend to let that infiltrate all areas of our life. We often think that everything we do has to be perfect. It creates pressure on our life that not only does our work have to be perfect, but our kids have to be perfect. Our marriage has to be perfect. Our yard has to be perfect. Our house has to be perfect and so on. It seeps into every area of life. However, in all honesty, no one can obtain that. It's not possible. None of us are perfect. We don't have enough resources or enough time. We are not God.

Done is better than perfect! Here are six steps to help you complete your tasks without being perfect:

(1) Just start. Build up the positive momentum.
(2) Your first version is never going to be your best work.
(3) Not everything in every area or every decision has to be an A-plus.
(4) Perfect doesn't even exist.
(5) Get feedback as early as possible.
(6) You gain confidence and self-respect when you finish things. Confidence and self-respect come from completing something.

The idea is that whatever your theory is, whatever your work is, it is imperfect. It may get expanded upon, but you're laying a foundation.

Finish something this week or month that you have been working on too long. Nothing takes up mental bandwidth and causes distress, like an unfinished project you keep working on. Give yourself the gift of completion! Dr. Parker Houston wrote a similar blog called "Perfectionism, The Secret Theif of Dreams."

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