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Campfire Talks: Benefits of Unplugging

July 20, 2021 Season 3 Episode 27
Next Peak Podcast
Campfire Talks: Benefits of Unplugging
Show Notes

Today Clint and Dr. Parker sit back and enjoy a conversation on what they are learning right now and how unplugging can benefit us spiritually, mentally, physically, and relationally.  Unplugging and taking a break can be especially hard for high achievers but the results of being always on have very detrimental effects on our bodies, minds, and relationship. 

Tips to unplug:

  • Be intentionally present with your family 
  • Don’t check your work email 
  • Hire the right people 
  • Try something new
  • Try something that scares you a little bit
  • Meaningful memories are created during downtime  

Something Clint is learning right now:

  • Freedom is a learned skill
  • Want is not the same thing as intent, intent requires action. 

Something Parker is learning right now:

  • There’s a paradox between planning and being present 
  • Hold your plans with a loose grip to be fully present in your life today 

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