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How To Be A Professional

May 25, 2021 Season 3 Episode 19
Next Peak Podcast
How To Be A Professional
Show Notes

Dr. Parker joins Clint to discuss how to be a professional and make a good impression. Whether you have been in the workforce for a while and are making a change, or you are stepping in for the first time, these tips are guaranteed to set you apart from the crowd.  

  1. Be punctual and manage your time well. 
  2. Become a brand ambassador for your organization.
  3. Manage your social media, post purposefully. 
  4. Dress for success; your attire represents you. 
  5. Bring solutions, not just complaints. 
  6. Admit when you’re wrong and apologize. 
  7. Develop emotional intelligence. 
  8. Continue to grow as a professional. 
  9. Always do the right thing. 

Resources mentioned:
The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired
The Magic of Thinking Big

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